Eminem celebrates 13 years of sobriety with an essay on drug addiction


“I had ten dealers at the same time”

“In the past, we would go on tour and people would give us drugs for free. For a while I managed to hold on, but then I couldn’t stop.”

Eminem wrote an essay for “XXL” magazine, in which he addresses, among other topics, his struggle with drug addiction.

Sober for 13 years, the rapper shares: “My addiction didn’t start right at the beginning of my career when I showed up. I only started using drugs at the beginning [of promoting the] the first album. And hard drugs only when I got famous. I was experimenting, I didn’t have a favorite drug. In the old days, we would go on tour and people would give us drugs for free. For a while, I managed to hold on, but then it became too [complicated] and I couldn’t stop.”

“For a while, I managed to hide my problem. But, before the [album] “Encore” [2004], the addiction started to get worse. I was on vicodin, valium, and alcohol. I disappeared for a while and I didn’t explain why I left”, recalls Eminem, remembering an episode in which he acted with 50 Cent and G-Unit and the former had to replace him in an interview. “One of the presenters was talking to me and I couldn’t understand a word she was saying,” he recalls.

With the death of D12, a member of the band that was fronted by Eminem, his condition worsened. “When Proof died, I remember staying at home, lying in bed, and not being able to move. I took more and more pills and for two days I couldn’t walk. At that time, I had about ten dealers at the same time. Taking between 75 and 80 valiums a night is a lot. I was anesthetizing myself,” he explains.

At the moment, says Eminem, his goal is just one: “to always try to be a better rapper”. However, he acknowledges that he doesn’t focus too much on sales and tops: “I focus on people like Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas, J. Cole and Big Sea, and what they do. Because they are also focused on being the best rappers.”

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