Jean-Michael Jarre reveals ‘Brutalism Take 2’ with Martin Gore

Jean-Michael Jarre has released a new version of his recently released single, Brutalismunder the title Brutalism Take 2 while working with Depeche Mode songwriter and musician, Martin Gore.  While the original single will be featured on Jarre’s upcoming album, Oxymore, this remix is part of his ongoing plans to re imagine his own music and work alongside various collaborators.

Jean-Michael Jarre is looking to enhance his album rollout, as well as discover new creative paths with this current journey by creating alternative versions and remixes of the singles for Oxymore.  He further explains his intentions and plans for the process by saying:

“On Oxymore I wanted to do a few collaborations for each single with young and established artists. I hope there will be some fun surprises in the mix for you. Collaborations won’t be on the album and for now only available to stream and download.  For the roll-out I am delighted to announce Martin Gore. From great haunted melodies to extreme experimentations Martin Gore is one of the most eclectic electronic music composers. His unique touch in ‘BRUTALISM TAKE 2’ shows it. It has been a real pleasure and honor to collaborate with you Martin!”

For Jarre, he clearly has big plans for his upcoming album and the entire promotional cycle and output of it.  Composed as an homage to the late French producer, Pierre Henry, Jarre utilized materials from Henry’s wife that were intended for a prior collaboration between the producers for use on the new album.  The music will be further enhanced as it will exist as an immersive work in a multi-channel and 3D binaural format that will be available to fans for an increased experience of the product.

“This is a real moment of disruption for audio and sound recording. Oxymore is an attempt to illustrate and explore these new ways of linking technology and music. Today we have technologies which allow us to explore composition in spatial audio and that opens a whole new experience for us musicians in the creative process. For the listener too, it offers the experience of a more physical and natural way of listening to sound and music. In real life, our audio field is 360 degrees.  Oxymore has been composed specifically with the spatial audio experience at heart, I even feel that the stereo mix is even wider itself, and that it has gained more space in the process. I’m convinced that this is how music will be composed and produced in the future. The emotion also for the listener is a huge next level jump, like when we moved from mono to stereo.”

Check out Brutalism Take 2 out now and get ready for the release of Oxymore on September 21st.

Source: We Rave You

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