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ZYNIC is the latest project from H.P. Siemandel and was founded in 2008 to carry the spirit of the eighties into tomorrow. Bands like YAZOO, JAPAN, DM, KRAFTWERK, and OMD were always a big influence on ZYNIC’s way of creating his own tunes.

Starting out as a keyboarder and back vocalist in several bands and projects, he soon decided to dig deeper into electronics. After years of experiments with analogue synths, things got more and more serious and all soundscapes and noises shaped into melodies. At the end of 2008 ZYNIC got together with producer OLAF WOLLSCHLÄGER (In strict confidence, Mesh, Melotron, etc.) to record a few songs. A 3-track promo CD was brought to light and a first sampler contribution followed soon. After promoting the songs via myspace the German synthpop label CONZOOM RECORDS discovered the tracks and ZYNIC joined the ELECTROPOP 3 compilation with an exclusive extended version of SOUL 4 SALE.

During 2009/2010 H.P. wrote further songs and produced them again together with Olaf Wollschläger for his debut album. The first single DREAMS IN BLACK AND WHITE made on the ELECTRO POP VOL. 2 compilation by ZYX MUSIC with such big names as OMD, ANNE CLARK, COVENANT, VNV NATION, etc. Now the first album FIRE WALK WITH ME was released at Conzoom records on 29.4.2011 and the limited edition features remixes by such great artists as ASSEMBLAGE 23, IRIS, PEOPLE THEATRE, and PARRALOX, so get ready for ZYNIC.

In 2017, Zynic released its third album “Neon Oblivion”.

H.P. Siemandel

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  • https://www.facebook.com/zynicmusic/
  • https://synth.nu/artikel_intervju_zynic.html

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