Billy Idol looks back on drugs and the accident that nearly killed him. “Fortunately, I survived it all”

“There is an element of ridicule and luck in my life. I look back and it’s all a little wild and weird.” Billy Idol Recalls His Troubled Past

Billy Idol, known for hits like ‘Dancing With Myself’ or ‘Rebel Yell’, recalled in an interview with the newspaper “The Telegraph” a past marked by heroin addiction and a motorcycle accident that almost killed him, assuming he was never so happy like at this moment.

“I used a lot of heroin at that time”, admits Idol when talking about a troubled trip to Asia, in 1989, which only ended with the intervention of the Thai military. After many thousands of dollars of damage to hotels and brothels, the musician ended up in a hospital, later being escorted to Bangkok airport by four armed soldiers.

The following year, also under the influence of drugs, Idol was in a motorcycle accident that nearly killed him. “It was a period of great pain and confusion. I didn’t know what my future would be, but I knew I had to change. You can’t get high if you’re dead”, he recalls, “I’ve probably never been as high as I was in the hospital, because every 12 minutes I could get pure morphine”.

“Getting rid of heroin is one of the worst things in the world”, adds the musician, “Boy George was right when he said it’s like your skeleton is there trying to escape your body. I think I got scared. There’s still a part that scares me.” On his relationship with substances in the present, he reveals: “I can drink a few glasses of white wine in a restaurant and smoke a few joints, but, in general, I stay away from everything. And it’s great.”

Talking about being the grandfather of two granddaughters, Idol concludes: “I’m glad I’m still here to enjoy it. The girls are sweet and I’m really enjoying being a grandfather. Fortunately, I survived it all – it seems like it was worth it.”

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