Michelle Pfeiffer touched by Coolio’s death: “Our movie was a success because of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise'”

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer, protagonist of the movie “Dangerous Minds”, mourned the untimely death of Coolio and fondly recalled the recording of the video for ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. “He was very sweet and I still get goosebumps listening to that song”

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer mourns the death of rapper Coolio, with whom she starred in the music video for ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’.

The theme was included in the soundtrack of “Dangerous Minds”, a film that has Pfeiffer as the main actress. “Our movie was a hit because of this song,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I was lucky to work with him. She won a Grammy for her brilliant work. He was very sweet [on filming] and I still get goosebumps listening to that song.”

The rapper died this Wednesday, aged 59, with a suspected heart attack. The American was found lying on the bathroom floor at a friend’s house.

Remember here ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, which recently reached the billion views on YouTube:


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