Stratocaster: The Sword of the Gods

Since its origins in the 1950s, Rock n’ Roll has always been a symbol of youthful rebellion, marked by its wild rhythm and dance, always well arranged with saxophone, piano and even guitar solos, which, if not for names like CARL PERKINS or CHUCK BERRY, might not earn the title of main style star. For this, famous factories have always sought to invent and reinvent guitar models that best meet the needs of the musician, and so legendary models emerged, such as the Les Paul, SG and Flying V, both from GIBSON. It has for all tastes and all styles, but one in particular is still a reference and was a partner of great legends of the instrument: the FENDER STRATOCASTER.

Launched in 1954, the FENDER STRATOCASTER was created by Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Freddie Tavares in the spring, but only had its first sale in the summer of the same year. Its main feature is a clearer timbre, thanks to its three Single Coil model pickups, allowing for a “lighter” and more open sound compared to competing models, being able to produce up to five different types of timbre. To this day, it is the leader in sales. Many factories produce their “Strato”, thanks to the effectiveness for several styles, besides rock, making it possible to become the “Sword of the Gods” of the guitar. Will it be?

To analyze this moniker of “Strato”, see below a list of greats who surrendered to the power of FENDER and their contributions.

Considered by many to be the best player of the model. The DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW and BLACKMORE’S NIGHT guitarist destroyed in his performances with his leverage techniques and frying solos, which would later inspire another “strateger”. Despite having flirted with other models, it was with the white stratocaster that BLACKMORE consolidated itself and left its trademark. It allowed him to create and perform works such as “Smoke On The Water”, “Burn” and “No No No”, in addition to the commendable solo of “Highway Star”.

Compliments abound for this guitarman. Since he joined PINK FLOYD, Gilmour has given a noble soul to the band’s sound, with its magical timbre, which allowed from astral travel to the purest comfort. An inseparable Fender companion, he contributed to the list of memorable solos such as “Time”, “Echoes”, “Dogs”, “Mother”, “Another Brick in The Wall”, etc. Hard to choose the best work of this guitarist, but for sure “Comfortably Numb” is timeless and tenant of our hearts.

One of the members of YARDBIRDS, along with JIMMY PAGE and ERIC CLAPTON, Jeff Beck is another reference of the instrument. His vibratos and feeling made many auditions surrender to the majestic melody in partnership with his “Strato”, being responsible for an honorable solo career and a whole generation of people influenced by his work and partnerships, as in “People Get Ready” alongside by ROD STEWART.

This one can be considered more than a “strateger”; revolutionary suits best with this stamped figure. This is because at a time when Punk rock, Glam rock and “Heavy Metal were on the rise with all brutality, Mark and his brother released a softer and more classic sound, with a country style influence and that’s how the world got to know DIRE STRAITS In addition, Mark Knopfler even stopped fellow professionals by showing his own style of playing without picks, just the fingers, which was unusual, used, perhaps, before by T-BONE WALKER, but in a different way. It was thanks to these attitudes that the world revered classics like “Lady Writer”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Sultans Of Swing”, whose solo still arouses interest among guitarists.

What about a guy who is known as “God”? ERIC CLAPTON has always proved to be an aristocrat of guitars, from CREAM, to the other projects that followed. His noble style of playing is unrecognizable, which allowed him to present the world with songs like “Wonderful Tonight”, “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Tears in Heaven”. Despite numerous recent controversies, the Clapton is still a giant of music, perfectly honoring the instrument that dominates.

Since 2000, IRON MAIDEN has played with three guitarists, but there was a long time when a duo dominated the band. With the mission to replace ADRIAN SMITH in the late 1980s, JANICK GERS was already referenced by other works with IAN GILLAN (DEEP PURPLE) and the solo project by BRUCE DICKINSON. In addition to being a composer, his stage presence is a hallmark of IRON MAIDEN’s shows, always accompanied by his faithful stratocaster, alongside DAVE MURRAY, who carries one of the most beautiful stories involving guitarists and their instruments, since he used them for a long time. part of his career a Fender Stratocaster model belonging to PAUL KOSSOF, from the band FREE, another great user of the model. Despite being modified, Dave’s Fender became his faithful sidekick until his retirement in the 1990s, being replaced by more advanced models. This duo recorded classics, especially the acclaimed “Fear Of The Dark”

This man even looks like a prince, due to his mastery of playing the guitar. Eric Johnson is another one of those guitarists who use solos to express their emotions throughout the song. Expert in jumping techniques, picking and feelings, this is how an entire youth surrendered to his classics, with the greatest example being “Cliffs of Dover”, his great success.

Talking about Fender Stratocaster and not mentioning Hendrix is the same as talking about football without mentioning Pele or talking about Formula 1 without Ayrton Senna. Considered the greatest guitarist of all time, Jimi even seems to be from another world; that’s what everyone thought when watching his presentations, so much so that even ERIC CLAPTON, considered “God” of the guitar, bowed before the “strateger” talent. To this day his innovations for the guitar are well used by musicians of all styles, from blues to thrash metal. Among his hits are “Hey, Joe”, “Purple Haze” and “Foxey Lady”.

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